she’s walking away, she’s walking away…

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What are you? A maker that’s trying to hone in on their craft, making sure that the creations stay working correctly? A well-taken care of doll, beautiful and with a natural purpose that will lead to success in life? Or are you a broken, abandoned doll that just wants to find a home and someone or something to help you live for another day? Or perhaps you are one of them with no intention of fixing the dolls…but destroying them.
Kim Ga Eun is wanted in the Doll House

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Nothing too scary, or intimidating in the least— my name’s Kang Haneul, a retired Olympian who still enjoys his fair share of his sport during his free time.

I run a fitness community called ‘Stretch’ for those who want to get in shape or stay in shape, learn healthy diet techniques, or join in on my yoga classes. If you can’t find me there, I’ve finished my Stretch schedule for the day and you can find me at ‘Milky’s’ where I work, a local cafe by my apartment. I don’t talk business there, but if you’re willing to bask in a leisure conversation, I do have 30 minute breaks. Anyway, enough about me, tell me about you.You can call me here


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Hi, I’m Hyomin, and recently I’ve been feeling really lonely… and in the mood to para… So just drop a message in my ask if you want to plot or para. Anyways I’m also here looking for friends, not just the people who will say I’ll be your friend, and then leave me hanging when I really need a friend or someone to party with.. If you like this post. I’ll follow you. If you reblog it, I’ll follow you and send you a message. Thank you. Disclaimer: I reblog 18+ content, and I’m also illiterate.. 

Reblog if you create infinite numbers of stories for your character in your head that never get written or rped

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Forgive me: Hm, Can I get a minute with you?



Aye everyone! I’m Jasmine Sanders and its a pleasure to meet ya’ll…

So everyone knows how this goes, I kindly introduce myself and ask for a little help from you with reblog/ like and follow so I can stop by and say Hi…

I’m a foreigner as you can see and I’m making it…

'Can't get intel without getting close to the source. I'm Park Gi Woong, a bitter detective a bit past his prime if we're being honest. I live in a world where I have to take a second look to see if the person I'm passing on the street is even human. In what other world could a person feel so lonely. Human or not human. Let's play together well.

AU :: Para and Action friendly :: Lover of plotting :: Needs connections

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